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We greatly appreciate you all swinging by our Jewish girls photo database. On this web page you can find a growing and comprehensive collection of photos, all depicting beautiful and exotic Jewish and Israeli girls. Our web editor took some of these photos during his travels, and others were submitted to us by our pool of ever growing web visitors. If you yourself have an awesome or noteworthy photo of a Jewish girl, then please consider submitting it to us for publishing here on our website. While we do not have strict requirements for user based photo and image submissions, we would like to request that they be crisp and clean in quality, as we generally don't publish blurry or unclear photos. To submit a photo to us, simply attach it to an email, and then forward it to us using the email address located on our contact us page. Another request we have regarding submitted photos, is that you must possess the original copyright and distribution rights.

The photos contained in our archive were taken all over the world, providing our web visitors with a broad spectrum of Jewish beauty and elegance. Some of the Jewish girls are from the United States, some are from the Holy Land of Israel, and others were taken in Europe, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and South America. Collectively our archive illustrates just how diverse in appearance Jewish girls can be, and that they can be found in just about all corners of the earth. We were also sure to include some photos of Israeli women who serve in the IDF, also known as the Israel Defense Forces. Women in Israel are required to serve in the military just like men, so photos of these brave and tough girls shows an important part of life in the state of Israel. If you are interested in reading more about the Jewish women of the Israel Defense Forces, then we encourage you to click on the article in the left navigation bar detailing the subject.

In this paragraph I would like to discuss a photo challenge for our web visitors. We are very interested in photo and image submissions from far away and exotic places that feature local Jewish girls in them. Of particular interest are photos of Jewish girls from Asian and African descent, so that we can continue to illustrate just how diverse our Jewish ethnic roots can be. We are willing to award link accreditation to the photo authors, should you have a website or blog that you want us to mention and promote. I should state that at this time we don't purchase photos, as we already receive tons of great pics just from our user base. So back to the subject at hand. Do keep your camera close by, and be sure to snap a photo of anything female, Jewish, and off the beaten path. Email us the submission, and it will appear live here on this page within a day or so. The last thing on this topic that I should put out there, is that we do not accept any erotic photo submissions.

If you like this photo gallery section of our website, then be sure to check back in with us frequently, as we plan to launch a family friendly video archive as well. The videos will contain various interviews with real Jewish girls, regarding politics, culture, art, Israel, world events, Judaism, travel, and other interesting assorted topics. Like this section of our site, we will also be open to accepting user submitted videos. If you have a Jewish girls related video that you would like to send to us for publishing, then please feel free to email our staff. Our only requirement is that you hold the distribution rights over the video, and that it is completely comprised of family safe content. We are also only interesting in posting positive and uplifting videos, as opposed to anything controversial or negative in nature. So again, if you would like us to publish your video, then just drop us an email. To visit our YouTube account, click the link in the social media box on every page.
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