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Jewish Girls
The last time that I visited Israel, which was just about eight months ago, I was as usual awestruck by just how beautiful most Jewish Israeli women are. What I found particularly attractive however, and my buddies agreed with me, were all of the hot Jewish girls of the Israeli Army. It might sound crude and a bit primitive, but there is something extremely alluring about a beautiful young woman walking down the street with a machine gun slung over her shoulder. There are tons of these heavily armed beauties all over the Holy Land, however each time that I got close to one of them I usually tried not to stare too long, as I felt somewhat awkward. The only thing that I could compare this experience to, is when occasionally I see that very rare hot nun in her mid twenties wandering the streets of Europe, which again I try not to stare too long, as that awkward feeling again comes over me. Funny, I'm attracted to Jewish women with guns, and nuns.

Another observation that I made during my most recent trip to Israel, is that a large portion of the Israeli Army girls that I met and saw, looked tough as nails. The state of Israel is in good hands, as these women mean business, and are trained for hardcore combat. I don't recall ever seeing females in other foreign armies that looked as tough and as fit as the Israeli Army girls do. I'm not sure what the exact training regime is like for Israeli girls serving in the armed forces, but it must be extremely rigorous, as most of the girls look fit enough for an Olympic swim team. In fact me and a buddy played a game of two on two basketball against two female Jewish soldiers that we met, and they ran circles around us. I will say though that despite the tough demeanor, most of the Israeli Army girls that we met were sweet as honey. If you plan to try and romance one of these beauties, then be sure to wait until they are off duty, just to play it out extra safe.

The state of Israel is actually very unique in that it regularly conscripts women for active infantry combat, which naturally puts them straight into hot combat zones. I should mention however that at least a third of women serving within the Israeli Defense Forces are exempt from combat, and that largely has to do with religious or nuptial restrictions. Once enlisted, Israeli women serve as active for a length of time, and then switch over to reserve status, just like their male counterparts. This means that they have to serve for at least one month per year, however women seldom see full combat during this time, and are generally responsible for lighter types of responsibilities. These lighter duties could entail manning security checkpoints, traffic control, or helping out during state emergencies such as environmental disasters. Israeli women do have exit points within both their active and reserve military contracts, such as for example pregnancy.

I have recently noticed that many websites online seem to be competing as to who can post the most photos of hot girls within the Israeli army, and some of these website have done a darn good job of it. It's clear for all to witness that Israel has by far the hottest female military personnel in the world, hands down. I intended to snap some photos the last time that I was there on vacation, but I chickened out as I didn't want to get in trouble. I saw some photo worthy beauties as well, especially out on the beach. Nothing beats a tanned woman in a bikini with a machine gun, as I'm sure many of you will agree. I'm going to take another trip there towards the end of this summer, so we'll see what kind of photos I can get, that is assuming that I don't chicken out again. If you yourself have some photos that I can post here, then please feel free to get in touch with me by email. It should be noted that I will only post photos here with permission from author.
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