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Jewish Girls
Jewish Girls
We greatly appreciate all of you taking the time to visit our website, a portal dedicated in it's entirety to Jewish Girls. As most of you probably already know, Jewish women are quite renown throughout the whole world for their wit, intelligence, elegance, class, beauty, devotion, faith, and courage. This web portal will celebrate and focus on Jewish Girls, offering a wide range of interesting articles about them. Most of our articles will focus on marriage, dating tips, religion, history, culture, art, language, academics, Israel, and celebrities.

In addition to publishing content about Jewish girls, you will also find that we have an ever growing volume of articles that discuss the state of Israel, Jerusalem, Holy Land travel, and Jewish culture around the world. We also plan to publish a number of short articles on Judaism, including the various branches. We sincerely hope that you all find our website both informative and entertaining. If you have any questions about our website, then please don't hesitate to send our administration an email, and we will get back to you shortly.
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I can't help but notice all of the informational portals online that state that they possess the sole secret to every Jewish girl's heart. They attempt to encourage their web visitors to follow their step by step dating plan, with many of these sites going so far as to guaranteeing success in dating Jewish girls, as if they were all cut from the same cloth. The truth is that there is no magic formula to winning the heart of any Jewish girl. There is certainly basic information that can help your dating experience along, but ultimately you're on your own.

The first thing that you really need to remember, is that Jewish customs and culture aside, not all Jewish girls are the same. Many of them do indeed take great pride in their long and rich heritage, and it can make up a large part of who they are. However you can't really use the Jewish cultural angle exclusively to win over any particular Jewish girl. Simply knowing what it means to be Jewish will definitely help you understand her perspective on the world, however not many Jewish girls want to sit and listen to you recite Jewish facts.

Obviously everyone on planet earth knows that Jewish girls will date Jewish guys. However probably one of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to Jewish girls, is do they date non-Jewish guys? The simple answer is yes, many Jewish girls will date men from other religious and cultural backgrounds. In fact I know a lot of Jewish girls, and I have only met a few who date Jewish guys exclusively. A Jewish girl's parents might jostle with you a bit about you not being Jewish, but it's usually all in good fun and lightheartedness.

Another question often asked about Jewish girls, is do they prefer to date Jewish guys, and do Jewish guys possess an advantage in successfully courting them. The answer in my own personal experience, is yes. It isn't really hard to figure out why either, as birds of the same feather do like to flock together. Now of course that isn't to say that a non-Jewish guy's chances are bad, as I mentioned earlier. Many Jewish girls will date outside of their culture, though obviously many of them also do warm to the idea of raising a Jewish family.

Whether you're Jewish or not, the key to successfully dating Jewish women can be summed up in two words, stay active. Dating in general is really a game of motion. People that are the most active within the realm of dating, are usually the ones who have the most success. The more girls that you date, the better your chances are of finding a potential mate that is compatible. Staying active in dating and social circles is very important, as it will usually help to polish or exercise your dating skills, and make you quite a bit more personable.

I try really hard not to generalize about groups of women as they relate to a particular ethnicity, culture, or religion, but I do have one personal generalization about Jewish girls. That generalization is that Jewish women seem to have a higher per capita ratio of insanely gorgeous female specimens, as compared to most other groups. Now don't get me wrong, both Slavic and Scandinavian women are also renown for the amazing beauty that they possess, but Jewish beauties seem far more common, especially considering our small numbers.

If you are interested in reading through many more in depth articles and information about dating Jewish girls, then we would like to encourage you to continue navigating through our website. We are very open to publishing articles written by guest authors, so if you possess a unique experience or perspective on Jewish girls, then please feel free to get in touch with our staff. If you have any questions about Jewish girls, or Jewish customs in general, then we are more than happy to try and answer any questions that you might have.
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Just recently our web staff launched a very comprehensive database of information regarding Jewish girls baby names. This info section does not only detail all of the most common names, but it also lists the historical origin, as well as the meaning of the name. So if you are planning on giving your sweet baby girl a Jewish name, then you'll definitely want to bookmark our website. Some of the most common Jewish girls baby names are Rachel, Ruth, Sarah, Hannah, Esther, Miriam, Naomi, Gabriella, Dana, Daniella, Abigail, and Eve.

I would also like to mention that we allow user based name submissions to this Jewish baby names section, so if you would like us to create a quick article on a specific female Jewish name, then please email us. We not only cover older Biblical names, but also new and contemporary Jewish names as well, so please don't feel limited to which girls name or names that you submit, as our only requirement is that they are indeed fully Jewish in origin. So again, we would like to encourage all of readers to help us grow our name archive.
Jewish Girls Baby Names
As most of you are already well aware, the global Jewish community is home to some of the world's most famous female celebrities. These shining stars are known for all sorts of accomplishments across a wide variety of fields, such as acting, modeling, music, science, politics, sports, literature, human rights, and business. From climbing Mount Everest to winning a Nobel Prize for chemistry, Jewish women have and continue to be ranked amongst some of the most noteworthy females in history. Many have changed the world we live in.

In the world of acting there are tons of famous female Jewish celebrities. One of the most standout actresses, and one of the most beautiful women in the world, is the witty and extremely talented Rachel Weisz. Born in lovely London England, this breathtaking Jewish beauty has had a long and successful acting career. Since starring alongside Keanu Reeves in Chain Reaction, she's continued to wow us on screen. Some of her movie hits include The Mummy series, Enemy at the Gates, The Constant Gardener, and Fred Claus.

This will probably surprise you, but one of the top female mixed martial artists in the world is the Jewish Sarah Kaufman. She is currently ranked as the number three top pound for pound female MMA fighter by MMA Rising, and ranked number one in the world within the 135 pound weight class by the Unified Women's MMA Rankings. Currently undefeated with eleven straight wins, this bright and tough as nails 24 year old from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has a sparkling future in the world of mixed martial arts.

I got into a discussion the other day with a friend of mine regarding who the most famous Jewish woman in history is. We discussed Anne Frank, Henrietta Sald, Chana Senesh, Golda Meir, Barbra Streisand, the Jewish convert Elizabeth Taylor, and many others. But strangely we kept over looking the one Jewish woman that definitely rises above them all, Eve of course. She's not stated as Jewish in scripture, as the term refers to Jacob's lineage, but find me someone outside of the religiously Orthodox that doesn't consider her Jewish.
Female Jewish Celebrities
Jewish Girls
Jewish Girls
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